SanFrancisco Magazine: RE: Tech gets a time-out: Charges of hypocrisy be damned: Some Silicon Valley tech wizards are quietly raising their kids outside the lurid digital landscape that their own industry calls childhood.

By Dan Fost


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* Dr. S

Writer Dan Fost has his finger right on the pulses of youngsters and parents who are organizing their families’ media lives just right. He reminds me of director Spielberg’s claim that he would not let his own youngsters attend “Jurassic Park”, even as millions of American youngsters were flocking to his greatest hit.

The tech industry mavens cited by Fost get the point that parenting is one thing and merchandising is another. Even as our kids are growingly portrayed as media junkies and their parents as increasingly ineffective in the recent Kaiser and Pew studies, there has been almost no popular culture coverage of what we can actually do, other than restriction.

Well – media is here to stay and can help parents actually grow kids into sensible and productive people. Now is the time for ALL parents to get clued in, take charge, and go back to child-rearing basics to give their kids what they always needed –focused confident parenting and balanced educations.

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