Kids, Parents, and Technology: An Unexplored Space

Comment by Marla Coffey 1 day ago

Dr. S,

Thanks so much for opening up this topic! I’ve often wondered what a psychiatrist or psychologist would say about how the Internet is impacting kids developmentally, socially, etc. Parents have the responsibility of managing and monitoring it, but do you think it’s still causing fundamental changes in the way kids learn, think, interact, etc.? Beyond changes in the way learning and communication are delivered–is it changing the way kids function internally? I’ve read that adults are experiencing changes in short and long term memory because of our dependence on devices–who needs to memorize directions when your GPS can do it for you? If adults are affected this way, to what extent will it affect kids as they grow up.

I know this is going off-topic a little bit, not really about parents developing media plans, but I’m excited to have an opportunity to ask someone who works directly with kids.



Comment by dr. S 1 day ago

Maria, Actually, there are profound developmental implications to the intersection of development with technology in the home, etc. and it takes me a whole book to explore that — kinda hard to summarize! Eitan. You can begin by looking at our

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