The New York Times: Cellphones Now Used More for Data Than for Calls



Day by day, our uses of technology are changing our lives in subtle and not so subtle ways. The increase use of texting is but one example. David Schwimmer’s recent “Trust” portrays its ugly destructiveness. What we need urgently is a way to think from the top down so that we have some control over these trends, rather than merely passively measuring them and complaining helplessly or reacting to specific problems. How our kids use technology cannot be left to trends of popular culture any more than their education or nutrition. And we ourselves need to think more clearly about our parenting goals in our own media behaviors: No texting while parenting! As parents, teachers, and others concerned with developing kids into good people, we must take an active stance. Parents must take charge of media in their kids’ hands. These are grown-ups’ tools and home appliances, not toys. Parents must actively organize and plan out the media lives of their kids. Do give children the good – and there is plenty of good out there! — but keep away the bad! If media has no positive family or child- Development value, it does not belong in children’s hands. And the child’s age is important – start them early.

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