The Internet Is Making Us Shallow and Vapid! (Or Maybe We Were Just Shallow And Vapid To Begin With)

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All of us are now magicians of fast, immediate social access, knowledge, and interactivity. Mobile interactive technologies brilliantly transcend the old pre-digital realities of time and space, and we too can give into our own impulses to get what we want and need when we want it without the old delays.

The pre-digital world reality disciplined us to slow us down, to delay our impulses, and to use our judgment and other human gifts to give us more control and depth and richness over our complex lives.
Our brand new reality makes possible communication in small quick bits that are sometimes useful and gives us more control over some things. But partial communications, e.g. texting, encourage incomplete thoughts or impulsive messages when in actuality more complex ideas would be better. People need to be alone and in silence to reflect fully and find their imagination and creativity.

Let’s discipline ourselves and realize how profoundly we as parents are affected by technology.
The clutter of smart phones and other digital companions is distracting and doesn’t allow us to be fully with our children. This can be damaging, especially to infants, whose emotional and intellectual brains are being wired by us. No texting while parenting. Let’s stop making excuses and feeling guilty and make and stick to rules and limits we make for ourselves.

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