An E-Reader for Kids

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This appears to be a promising application for kids. The positive place of technology in the lives of families and children can be indeed powerful. However, while the potential for good is enormous, in fact, so far, studies are showing that family life is actually weakening and some children’s development harmed by unsupervised or excessive use of media, and things are getting worse.

Too many parents are gee-whizzing the wonders of technology, reacting to children’s demands and adopting every new gizmo that comes along, or feeling inadequate or overwhelmed and unable to provide the right balance for their families. To actually benefit from digital media, parents must become confident, pro-active and take charge, get involved, and make thoughtful and deliberate ongoing commitments to media planning in their home for both the short and long terms.

I suggest parents participate together with their preschoolers in interacting with this device. Make it a family affair. Limit access only to times when you or an older sibling can join the child. Kids learn best in social situations, anyway. Most importantly, develop for your family a media plan to include this device to prevent the later isolated or out of control use of media by children.

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