Finding The Spirituality In New Media

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Are we all actually swirling topsy-turvy in a new media frenzied universe, or do we just think we are?

I don’t know the answer, or am even sure about what this question ultimately means. But I do know that we are still people with bodies, minds, and souls. We come in as babies and go out as oldsters and live a life in between that is hard and wonderful and that we try to make sense of. We need each other and our families. We have no great answers to the great riddles, but are steadily discovering more and more.

Do these new technologies really change things as much as we think they do? I think not. IMHO we are just bedazzled and awed by our own brilliant engineering.

So — please, please, please — let’s go back to basics, let’s get a hold of ourselves, and let’s stop ooing, ahhhing, and wringing our hands. Let’s all hold hands and let’s never forget to hold our children.

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