Oprah: Texting While Driving Is ‘Absolutely Stupid’

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Texting and using cell phone while driving cause so many traffic accidents that they are now banned in many places. And who even heard of texting five years ago? This is yet another example of how we are playing catch-up to the explosive changes wrought by technology in our lives.

But the impact of technology on our kids and families has been just as explosive and can be just as destructive as traffic accidents, and also requires severe measures. And is playing catch-up a good idea?

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that older children are using media up to 19 hours a day. Only 1/3 of parents set limits, and when they do, media use drops by only 1/3. Not much! Family life and grades are down. So kids and media companies are pretty much in charge. Left to themselves, kids usually consume junk. Is this what parents want?

Media can be great for kids if used right. Make media plans like you do meal plans. Parent commitment must be big and they need good expert help. There is no quick fix. Start early and work at it as part of daily parenting. Parents have the home court advantage and they must commit themselves, as they do to a nutrition plan, retirement plan, plan to make the family and marriage work.

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