CES 2010: The Circus Begins (And Gadgets Galore!)

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I love gadgets and usually meet them with a big ‘Wow! We are blessed to live in our free and peaceful (not perfect, though, by any means) country and be able to participate in a resilient and powerful economic system that nurtures inventiveness and talent.

These technologies are created by our wonderful human minds, and are but secondary to the primary purpose for which our brains evolved – to make the enormously complex calculations required to live together and know each other in so many ways as social creatures. So — paradoxically, in a long term biological sense, our technological inventiveness is a happy side benefit of the brain sophistication we require to be social beings.

The development of each of our minds and brains is itself even more miraculous than any gadget we can ever come up with (an even bigger ‘Wow!’), and we must be careful to keep these precious environments ‘green’. I believe that we can be more proactive in how we think about and how we use these devices in our homes – especially how we expose our children to them.

So let’s be more thoughtful and clever about raising our digital kids more carefully and present them with nutritious technological diets rather than letting them consume junk unsupervised. (Dr. S is a child psychiatrist and the author of KIDS, PARENTS & TECHNOLOGY: A GUIDE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES.

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