Tips for Controlling Your Teen’s Facebook Usage

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Adolescence is a period of experimentation often given to such excesses, usually harmless when transient and just require watching and waiting, or gentle nudges from parents. Over-reaction from parents can make things worse when they turn into power struggles. People of all ages — including youngsters — who pull the plug themselves on overuse of any digital media (including video games, social media, Internet, porn, etc.) are way ahead of those who either do not do so or cannot see the need to, or who insist that their excessive use is not a problem.  Excesses of any kind that are chronic or produce family conflict are often lightening of other problems and would not respond to mere filtering.

A much more important general issue, and one that requires much more parental involvement than mere filtering or limiting access, is how kids use digital media in general, how family life is affected, and what place these have in their lives. To raise a successful digital family, this area requires a systematic and comprehensive commitment from parents from an early age and expert guidance, as I give in myKIDS, PARENTS & TECHNOLOGY: A GUIDE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES.

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