Is this a Spiritual Crossroads?

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We know that that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can last long into the future and cause subtle and not-so-subtle changes in how people see things and feel about themselves and others. The long tail of PTSD or its variants can last long into the future and, I believe, irreversibly affect communities and cultures as well as individuals, although not nearly as well studies or understood. I am pretty sure that much of our national experience as Americans is still colored by our 9/11 trauma as we search for a context for its meaning and its effects on our view of ourselves and others, and what we may expect from our leadership and institutions. As a psychiatric expert , thinker, and author of KIDS, PARENTS & TECHNOLOGY: A GUIDE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES, I believe that the post-traumatic aspect of our current spiritual condition, although difficult to specify, continues to be a powerful force in our national life.

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