The Power Of Not Knowing

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A good set of points. Here is something else to consider here: Since we are essentially social beings and our brains primarily designed to assure our survival together, how we exchange information or knowledge and how each of us assesses others are deeply rooted in our social experience. We learn and learn how to learn from each other from the very beginning of our lives. As an expert in media and children and author of KIDS, PARENTS & TECHNOLOGY: A GUIDE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES, I believe that the digital age can bring both a false sense of security that we can know everything and that everything is knowable, or, the opposite extreme, unreasonable fears that we can never know enough or that others can know all about us. I believe that part of our current challenge as families is to raise kids in a social and family context who can sort through the torrent of information and its effects on our culture and find healthy ways to prioritize and learn and use knowledge as a means to improving themselves and the human race.”

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