Focusing on Education From the Get-Go

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While a continuing political commitment to early childhood education is crucial, the way to make the best people has to start with the family. The brain best evolves from the get go in the context of sound relationships, tying cognitive development to how the child is loved, protected, and stimulated– the earlier the more so. It makes sense that the protection of and heavy support to families also has to become a more prominent feature of the early education debate. As lifelong child advocate and specialist in children and families, I am sad to report that despite all the digital opinions and information floating in cyberspace good parenting leading to sound child development has really not improved much and the general level of psychosocial health of men and women now raising children is declining. Developing our best natural resource — our children — is still labor-intensive and low tech and requires a commitment that many young families find it difficult to make or focus. So — parents need help to parent — even the most wealthy and educated.

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