Preschoolers Watch Too Much TV — Leads to Obesity

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These are good points. Actually, recently studies show that the obesity epidemic, especially in kids, is not really only from eating in front of a screen. What they do NOT do is the culprit — kids are just not engaged in moving, standing, walking, playing and doing — the stuff of an active life. Like food diets, merely restricting is really insufficient — a sensible plan must include building in supervised alternative uses.

When it comes to the power of media in our homes, many of us are still too awed by these magical devices and lack the confidence and knowledge to take charge and make media life more beneficial at home. Children’s inactivity often reflects that of parents: Sadly, parents often do not mind exposing their kids to the junk food in popular media hawked by merchandisers who have nothing but their own interest in mind, certainly not the children’s.

Well, imho, the time has come for parents to take charge in managing their media-soaked kids’ media lives. They must 1st believe that they can succeed and that they can make good media diets for their families and that can really benefit their kids. Hopefully, they can commit to making a systematic, thoughtful, and sustained effort, like working on a marriage, a nutritious eating plan, physical exercise, or making any positive lifestyle change. There are really no shortcuts here.

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