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To: Sramana Mitra

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I enjoyed your piece about the visionary Jack Jia from the perspective of a doctor/scientist/thinker (not a businessman, alas) who daily practices “IT engineering” on the ground with real people in their everyday lives  — not in the lab. IMHO, we need this paradigm shift.

Thank you for an excellent intro to an excellent thinker and doer — I admire his skillful journey and layered growth through engineering, IT, and business towards neuroscience and behavior — blended with great focus and energy and a highly developed understanding of people. Not accidentally, he has found himself at an almost magical intersection. It is a place where we cannot yet know even a few the potential possibilities now lying dormant.

Human behavior in a marketplace is a proper concern of business and a great way to begin exploring the whole space and business-related foci may be necessary. But ultimately, the broader and more profound possibilities will emerge in this space. While commercial apps do seem the most obvious and pragmatic right now, I am convinced that we are approaching only the tip of an iceberg that reaches deep into the ultimate benefits and good for mankind that can be accomplished. Neuroscience, psychopharmacology, and cognitive psychology are small windows into the bigger picture. The mind is what the brain ultimately does, just as movement is what bones, joints, and muscles ultimately do.

This is my main point: We need JJs kind of paradigm shift to leverage the opening of a whole new area to influence popular culture and the course of history as we move (nay — rush) into the technology-rich phase of our global civilization. The business approach may very well generate capital to fund explorations of the rest of the iceberg.

I am a child/adolescent psychiatrist who has made his own journey of 40 years in the art and science mind/brain space, and has arrived at a similar interdisciplinary intersection as JJ — business, IT engineering, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and mass communication – minus the business side. My own vision is to open up applications on the ground (in the present marketplace) to enhance child (mind in the brain) development and family life inside this very space. Inhttp://www.mydigitalfamily.org I begin, as is my forthcoming book, to introduce the whole side of daily mind/brain, family and child development into the mix.

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