David Pogue Provides a Fascinating Vista

Originally published by ThinkerMedia: BestThinking.com on April 7, 2011


Bravo, David Pogue. Your story about your youngster’s interaction with the vacuum cleaner is fascinating.

Fascination is infectious.

So, as a child psychiatrist, I am fascinated by how fascinated you seem with your son’s fascination with the tech devices around him. I wonder, has he inherited your fascination with gadgets? Surely, he senses how he is fascinating you. Wow.

This reverberating joy, curiosity, and fascination of a human relationship carried over the broadest broadband ever that bridges father and son is exactly what our brains are about and what makes us human (and IMHO way more fascinating than robots).

And I do wonder how his life will be shaped by such machines and how he might be helped to become self-aware of this process so that he would understand and control it.

Article by Eitan ‘Dr. S®’ Schwarz, MD

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