How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom

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Thank you for a comprehensive treatment of an important subject. I will share it widely. As a child psychiatrist, I see learning as most powerful in a social context. With this caveat in mind, there is great power and time saving possible for educators to personalize instruction.

With Apple’s new Mac tool Configurator, enabling duplication of content among iPad devices, an app like ZillyDilly for iPad, that provides childproofed curated online content customizable by the educator, can bring teacher-modifiable libraries of assets like website lesson plans to individual as well as groups of students.

For example, teachers can use age-appropriate online sites to enrich whole classroom instruction, fulfill IEP goals, and as starting points of student projects. With ZillyDilly students cannot wander off to unassigned sites, so teachers stay in control and can choose from preselected categories and monitor usage.

Additionally, for example, teachers can collaborate with parents in encouraging healthy and safe Internet use and coordinate with other teachers and librarians; find bilingual sites and those with teacher/parent guides easily for appropriate age groups, introduce young children to the Internet safely and gently, moreover, search ZillyDilly’s extensive database as you create Media Plans to engage students by increasing exposure in areas already of interest to them.

Teachers can also occasionally treat students to special fun journeys on your own iPad (via TV or overhead projection) to sites not included in ZillyDilly’ database. For example, a student may want to learn how ice cream is made, or jellybeans, or dolls and their hospitals.

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