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Zillydilly by Laura1260

This app is a practical, easy-to-use tool that gives parents the best websites for their kids in a safe and appropriate way. Websites are expertly evaluated and rated and categorized for parents to choose. Without worry or a lot of work, parents give their children interesting, enriching, appropriate and fun online experiences that are also protected and timed. Bravo, Dr. S!

Childproofed Internet by ZillyDilly Fan

ZillyDilly is a real help in saving time because I trust their expert site recommendations. Heard about it from preschool colleague who loves ZillyDilly. I teach 3rd and 4th grades and have 5 iPads in each class. I set it up so that each iPad has a separate set of websites arranged for different subjects and skill levels. This app offers great vetted site choices by age group and can be adapted to special needs and interests to supplement lesson plans. I sometimes let students explore a selected few sites on their own, and they cannot wander anywhere else. Then they “show and tell”, and we learn critical thinking and self expression from their online experience. A great tool that can adapt to any teacher’s needs.

Potomac Lice Lady loves Zilly Dilly concept! by Lauren Salzberg

Thank you for creating Zilly Dilly! We have a high functioning autistic child who enjoys playing on our iPads and we worry about we he is able to view. He has a thing for certain sites and we have been looking for ways to “control” our iPad with our behaviorist so that he can earn his screen time. This does just that! I happen to stumble across this and I am so glad I did as this is just what we were looking for.It is clearly laid out, simple to use, very user friendly and child friendly as well. We have already shared it with her so she can pass along to her clients and we are excited to share with others in the community as well. Thank you!

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