Dr. Sherry Turkle’s ‘Alone Together’ Brings Alarming News About Kids and Technology

Originally published by ThinkerMedia: BestThinking.com on January 15, 2011


I feel compelled to share my surprise at my eagerness to share these thoughts with an intelligent readership.

This is why: Against a backdrop of awesome discoveries of the wonders of the social brain and delicate ecologies of life, magical interactive technology is tethering almost everyone to everyone and itself with a chaotic, yet strangely compelling buzz. And we respond ourselves without fully knowing or much thinking. And we are changing it. And it is changing us. Like mechanical pigeons we carry our smartphones. The robots are already shaping us. Really. They are us and we are them a bit already!

And Dr. Turkle, a full professor at MIT, has been skillfully watching it happen with the discerning eye of a scientist, the lenses of a brilliant disciplined thinker and down to earth woman, and a heart of decency, the caring of a mom and compassionate healer. Now, as a captivating writer, she again shares her lifetime’s worth of observations, discoveries, and theories with us.

From what she describes so skillfully, it can be scary. Clearly, this is a malignant process that has emerged quietly and is sneaking up on us. Or is it?

We will react because it has to be taken seriously. But lets react intelligently. Let’s think about it for a while and define our own personal reaction.

Clearly there is no quick fix.

Article by Eitan ‘Dr. S®’ Schwarz, MD

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