Cell Phones, Cancer, and Children: Possible Lethality and Other Threats from Technology

Originally published by ThinkerMedia: BestThinking.com on June 2, 2011


Will Young Cyberbullies Become Adult Wife Beaters? Anonymous Technology Can Hide Abuse and Violence


A recent multicenter study shows that teen male school bullies will later become perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Dismissing such violent antisocial behavior as “boys will be boys” should be replaced with alarm and rephrasing to “boys who bully will be men who abuse women.” Although cyberbullying may differ in a variety of ways and deserves its own studies, such behavior nevertheless reveals profound deficits of personality that require urgent intervention and ongoing monitoring.

See: School Bullying Perpetration and Other Childhood Risk Factors as Predictors of Adult Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration, Kathryn L. Falb; Heather L. McCauley; Michele R. Decker; Jhumka Gupta; Anita Raj; Jay G. Silverman published 6 June 2011, 10.1001/archpediatrics.2011.91

Article by Eitan ‘Dr. S®’ Schwarz, MD

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