Expert: Make the iPad a Home Appliance Part of the Solution

Originally published by ThinkerMedia: on March 22, 2012


Family Life and Teacher Relationship Must Anchor Youngster Tablet Use

THE URGENT PROBLEM: Technology can benefit but may also harm growing and grown brains alike. Source: MUST SEE long but excellent video. BRAVO! MILKEN INSTITUTE for publishing the best perspective yet:

ANSWER I: Face-to-face contact. Strong family life and an interpersonal social context have to anchor us all. Make the iPad a fun family and school appliance. Prevent alone use except for reading and homework. Create face-to-face media-free human interactivity zones and times and prevent interference with mealtimes, family drives, recess, outdoor play time, other friend and family togetherness opportunities. Parents — park your device before interacting with family. Keep your child’s brain green.


ANSWER II: Technology has to be part of the solution, it is here to stay,

Root technology and integrate it within strong family life and embed it in interpersonal school relationships, starting as early as it takes, like good hygiene and diet. 

Source: “Kids, Parents &Technology: A Guide for Young Families”, book available widely.

ANSWER III: ZillyDilly for iPad childproofs the Internet while giving parents and teachers the best age-sensitive content.

Consider ZillyDilly as the best first child’s iPad app to install and a pre-condition for allowing all other apps, whatever age. ZillyDilly, based on the book, is still the only actual comprehensive and credible hands-on fix for the Internet. ZillyDilly childproofs the Internet while customizing content for health and growth. Apple’s great new CONFIGURATOR tool amplifies ZillyDilly power in schools.

Article by Eitan ‘Dr. S®’ Schwarz, MD

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