“I felt a strong need to comment on how invaluable I think this title is to any parent with a child growing up in today’s digital age… Dr. S gets right to the point… this book is one that I wish I had been sent home with from the hospital after the arrivals of my triplets and their big brother, all four who are now teenagers.”



“A must have for any parent in this day and age.”

– Imaginationcafeblog


“Maintaining quality family time is important to me and I plan on using the guidelines in this book to keep me on track. Realizing the interactive media encourages Growth Opportunities is important but parent participation is important in order to make sure that kids have appropriate content. Setting guidelines for your family is easy…”



“Simple is not always obvious. Dr. Eitan Schwarz in “KIDS, PARENTS & TECHNOLOGY: A Guide for Young Families,” reminds all parents that the skills and care with which they guide their child through proper nutrition, hygiene and general human interaction are the same skills required to guide their child through the maze of modern media and technology. The computers in my house are now setup in such a way as to allow for interaction with our children while they are on the Internet. This book is the tool parents need to provide good parenting in the 21st century.”

– Lee Ross, President and CEO, SlateXP, Inc.


“Parents who are confounded by the digital age, parents who are worried about its effect on their children, parents who recognize that resisting it is of no avail—which is most parents—will find this book enormously helpful. Dr. Schwarz offers knowledge-based, practical ways to turn the digital age from a foe to a friend in children’s and families’ lives. It’s the book parents have been waiting for.”

– Bernice Weissbourd, Family Focus, Founder and President Emeritus


“A thoughtful, sensible, valuable guide for parents seeking to manage media so their children grow up more emotionally and educationally solid. Finally someone – Dr. Schwarz – has given parents an easy-to-read, but very helpful guide to managing the electronic world that surrounds children and us. Read it!”

– Alvin Rosenfeld MD, Co-author The Over-Scheduled Child; Lecturer, Harvard Medical School


“I read the book over the Memorial Day weekend. I have four daughters and found it to be a big help!”

– George Zaloom, Founder & CEO at FaceChipz


“As a parent coach and dietitian, thank you so much! I love new approaches and inspirational work.”

– Kathleen Putnam, Owner, Nutrition Works


“Dr. Schwarz is definitely the person to teach us…Excellent…I love (those) ideas…I love the fact that you are using technology in your practice…A great book that is available today.”

– “Family Talk: Dr. Daisy Sutherland”; blogtalkradio


“Kids, Parents & Technology: A Guide for Young Families is nothing short of a necessity for today’s parent of a media-sophisticated child… Dr. Schwarz has created a collection of tools that puts the power of media back into the hands of the caregiver. Media is no longer something foreign or forced on parents; it is an asset that can be used to benefit a child during the early developmental years and mold the entire family into a safe and productive media-consuming unit.”

– Melanie M. Lazarus, MPH, Archimage, Inc. and Playnormous, LLC


“Using his years of successfully working with children and families, Dr. Schwarz has captured the challenges faced by parents raising children in the digital age. He offers practical, hands on recommendations to help parents guide their children in using interactive media activities to promote healthy family life and enhanced child development. This is very useful reading no matter what the age of your child!”

– Ronald H. Rozensky PhD ABPP, Co-editor, Psychology Builds a Healthy Word;
Professor, College of Public Health and Health Professions, University of Florida.


“… The last section of the book includes a discussion of the use of electronic media by clinicians as a therapeutic tool. It provides important information for clinicians who provide therapeutic interventions for children…This book is a must read for parents whose children are frequent users of electronic media…”

– Kathleen Nader, DSE


“Dr. Schwarz encourages parents to embrace technology to work for them. He shows how to achieve healthy family life and children’s development with a balance between technology deprivation and excess, and with the right amounts of playfulness and connection. The book is a much-needed practical road map to engaging the positive energy of technology in the home.”

– Joe Siegler MD; President, Full of Life Coaching Centers, Chicago,
Author, Fire Your Therapist, The Coaching Formula for Success


“The information and advice in this book represent much thought, research, and originality. Readers will have much to consider with respect to the opportunities and dangers of growing up in the digital age. Dr. Schwarz brings a novel thesis along with an engaging writing style and a genuine concern for the challenges and best interests of families.”

– Peter A. Gorski, MD MPA; Director, Research and Innovation;
The Children’s Board of Hillsborough County


“Wow.. a very important subject and a great book… inspiring… I never heard some of these suggestions before for good parenting and good grandparenting.”

– Sue Zimmerman; “Grandparenting Today”, WMKV Cincinnatti