American Psychiatric Association’s 162nd Annual Meeting



Helping Children (and Yourself) Cope with Terrorism and Other Violence

Malignant Memories: Signatures of Violence

Mistreating Pets and Other Animals

Teaching Children Alternatives to Violence



Is it Punishment or Child Abuse?

School Shootings

National Trauma

Raising Children to Hate, Murder and Suicide

Telling Preschoolers About War

Thinking About Neuroscience, Technology, and Professionalism in Mental Health

The Post-Traumatic Response in Children and Adolescents

Malignant memories: Post-traumatic Changes in Memory in Adults …

Malignant Memories: Effect of a Shooting in the Workplace on School Personnel Attitudes

Malignant Memories: Reluctance to Utilize Mental Health Services After a Disaster

Malignant Memories: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Adults and Children

A Revised Checklist to Obtain Consent to Treatment with Medication

abc7chicago.com: School Shooting Remembered 20 Years Later

When Death Rides the Rails [Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers]

Too Soon to Reflect on 9/11?

Shootings Leave a Suburb in Trauma – The New York Times

Programmable, user interactive cigarette dispenser and method therefore

Cigarette Dispenser

PROBILL billing software – please enter search PROBILL

“HER” — Robots as Women

7 Tips To Release Your Stress In Minutes

A Child Psychiatrist Takes a Stand on the Dangers & Delights of Digital Media A Plan for Raising Healthy Kids in a High-tech World

A major disaster is now in the making: Kids are becoming Addicted to Media and Parents are Helpless


ABC.com: The View Hot Topics

Advergames: McDonald’s Videogame Marketing to Kids Is a Tech Media Management Challenge to Parents

Alert to Colleagues: Hypo-Professionalism in Psychiatry

ALONE TOGETHER is must reading for anyone who has a cell phone; and a must MUST if you also have a child.

Always Connected: The new digital media habits of young children – REVIEWED

American Academy of Pediatrics Gives Good Guidance. Kids iPad ZillyDilly™ App Safe and Effective Media Manager is Next Step.

An Apple tablet will give developers a bigger sandbox. But how many will jump in?

An E-Reader for Kids

APPLE TABLET: The New York Times, The Huffington Post, News Blaze, Slate

Apple’s iPad iBook 2: Textbook Publishing, Students, Parents, Teachers, and Collaboration

Apple’s iPad iBook 2: Textbook Publishing, Students, Parents, Teachers, and Collaboration

Appreciating the Family Side of Technology

Attention Parents: Be Careful — Tablets Can Make Your Child into an Overweight Robot

Baby Twits to Change Own Diaper

Be the Change

Best iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Kids Apps and Tips for Parents: ZillyDilly innovative iPad browser system empowers parents. Can I have your opinion?

Book Expo America Opens this Week as Industry Scrambles to Respond to Teen-Initiated Tech Trends

Book Review: Dr. Sherry Turkle’s ‘Alone Together’ (Basic Books)

Buy an Apple iPad for Your Child?

Cell Phones, Cancer, and Children: Possible Lethality and Other Threats from Technology

CES 2010: The Circus Begins (And Gadgets Galore!)

Chalk and Cheese Chronicles

Children & Brand Awareness: They’re Never Too Young to Say “GeekDad”

Children Fail to Recognize Online Ads, Study Says

Children, Parents, And Technology: Becoming A Successful Digital Family

Christmas Gifts 2009: 15 BEST Gadgets to Give (And Get) (PHOTOS)

Computing Our Children’s Future


Cultivating Compassion: Meditation For Better Relationships

Daring to Live Your Life Offline

David Pogue Provides a Fascinating Vista

David Schwimmer’s TRUST Is a Call to Action

Digital Dieting


Disembodied Androids and Robotic chair fine art

Disney to Give Back Money Parents Spent on Baby Einstein Videos

Dr S. Comment: Cell Phone Use Damaging Babies of Pregnant Moms?

Dr S. Comment: Infant Media Exposure and Toddler Development


Dr. S Opinion: Are “Crib Robots” Good For Babies?

Dr. S to Pediatricians: Please Update Your Screen Time Guidelines ASAP to Include Tablets

Dr. Sherry Turkle’s ‘Alone Together’ Brings Alarming News About Kids and Technology

EXPERT COMMENT: Preparing your kids for the iPad and beyond

Expert to Parents: From Tots through Teens Give Kids Best Internet with iPad App

Expert: Kids’ Tablet Wows Need Parent Response

Expert: Make the iPad a Home Appliance Part of the Solution

Expert: Please Keep Kids’ Brains Green

Facebook Fueling Divorce: STUDY

Family Coping with Disaster: Hurricane Sandy

Family Focus – Is TV Bad for Babies?

Family Information Technology (FIT) Solution Pending via iPad App

Finding the Courage to Be Grateful

Finding The Spirituality In New Media

Focusing on Education From the Get-Go

Food For A Good Mood

Free iOS App – ZillyDilly for iPad

Gadgets to Bring Holiday Cheer to Little Travelers

Genetic-Based Internet Addiction May Be Countered by Parent and Educator Media Management

Getting Kids Ready for the New iPad and Beyond

Give or donate used iPads

Google Glasses and Wearable Computers: Parents, Are You Ready for New Kids’ Technology Crazes?

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the Wisdom 2.0 Conference

Gov. Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver on Right Track

Hate Mail and the New Religious Wars in Tech

Here’s What I’d Like To Hear More of In 2010

Home Digital Media: Assets or Liabilities for Children and Family Life?

How Much is Too Much? Screen Time and Kids

How Talking and Listening Are Crucial for Psychiatry…

How Tech Will Transform the Traditional Classroom

How to Make Online Gaming and Entertainment Safe for Our Kids

I Forgot My iPhone. What a relief!

IACC Unanimously Approves 2010 Strategic Plan for Autism Research

If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online

In the Good Ol’ Cybertime: An Urgent Alert to Parents

Increased Media Coverage Leaves Cyberparents Even More Helpless

Inner Activism: Three Tricks For A Happier New Year

Internet Addiction: A Clinical Disorder?

Inventing an Internet Good for Kids: ZillyDilly’s Free Offer Extended to Welcome Apple’s Next iPad

iPad Now a Tot and Enthralling to Tots

Is this a Spiritual Crossroads?

It’s Not too Late to Set Intentions for 2010

Jack Jia The Visionary

Junk Food, Junk Media

Just Listen – Overcoming Holiday Shyness

Kids & Families Coping with Disaster


Kids, Parents, and Technology: An Unexplored Space


LinkedIn: Children’s Media

Make Tech Holiday Gifts Good for Families


Mom Calls 911 Over Son’s Video Game Obsession

Monitoring Kids’ Cellphone Activity

More Media Coverage Leaves Digital Parents Frustrated

MyDigitalFamily Launches Second Edition of Trailblazing Technology Guide for Families and Children

Neato Robotic Vacuum to Take Over Household Cleaning

Neuroscience and Psychiatry: The Roots of Humane Mental Health Care

New Year’s Resolutions And Time

Nexi: The MDS Sociable Robot

Obama to parents: School nights for homework, not TV

Obesity Will Soon Cost U.S. $344 Billion a Year

Old iPads for Kids or Donate to Schools

Online Communities: The Kindness of Strangers

Oprah: Texting While Driving Is ‘Absolutely Stupid’

Parents Must Choose: Manage Digital Media Better or Unplug Your Child

Parents see spectacle: Eye good kids go gaga at Google goggles

Parents: Give Your Used iPad to Your Child, Start Preparing Now

Part 1: Report from the field: What medical errors would mental health insurance buy many Americans today?

Part 2: Report From The Field

PBS Frontline — Digital Nation: ROUNDTABLE With Correspondent Douglas Rushkoff

Pew Report: Youth Texting and Media Use Explode, but Parent Limits Have Little Effect

Pioneer Thought Leader and Researcher: Robots Are Here to Stay and They Are Us

Preschoolers Watch Too Much TV — Leads to Obesity

Principles for Parenting the Touchscreen Generation

Psychiatrist Gives Parents Tools to Manage Kids’ Media

Psychiatrist to Parents: Make New Apple Operating Systems Good for Your Family

PTA and Facebook Talking: But Kids and Families Need More!

Q: Is the iPad Good for Kids’ Attention Span? A: Yes, But Only If Parents Manage It for Them.


RE: Kids, Parents & Technology: A Guide for Young Families Aims To Help Parents With Their Digital Families

RE: Yes, People Still Read but Now It’s Social

Real-time Web, Unreal-time Life

Red Headed Boy Attacked: Police Probe Tie To ‘Kick A Ginger Day’ Message

Robots and Language: What is “I”?


Robovie-II Grocery Shopping Robot Helping Out This Holiday Season and Neato Robotic Vacuum to Take Over Household Cleaning

SanFrancisco Magazine: RE: Tech gets a time-out: Charges of hypocrisy be damned: Some Silicon Valley tech wizards are quietly raising their kids outside the lurid digital landscape that their own industry calls childhood.

Schwimmer’s ‘Trust’ Reviewed: Technology / Media Violent to Kids — Parents Need Help!

Screen-Free Week a Chance to Start Managing Kids’ Media

Skout, Social Media, and Other Online Risks by Children and About Becoming Entrepreneurs

Stop drifting in fast technology currents and start swimming!

Stress Much this Season?

Taming the Tech-Wild Child

Technology at the Margins — Social Innovators and Innovations

Technology, Properly Used, Can Be Embraced and Its Power Channeled, Not Be Feared

Ten for ’10: New Gadgets for Home and Away

Terror in Boston: National and Individual Trauma and Healing

Texting While Walking


The 15 Most Influential Games of the Decade

The Best iPhone Apps for Kids

The Dangers Of Multitasking And How To Stop

The Decline of Language – Based Psychiatry

The Future of Social Media with Gerd Leonhard

The Greatest Gift We Can Give

The Growing Backlash Against Over-Parenting

The Huffington Post: Kids and Media: Joined at the Hip and The Wall Street Journal: A Safer Way to Text on the Road and MIT Review: Ban Texting While Parenting

The Huffington Post: The Empathic Web and The Family Education Network: How to Teach Empathy

The Internet Is Making Us Shallow and Vapid! (Or Maybe We Were Just Shallow And Vapid To Begin With)

The Makings of Our Earliest Memories

The New York Times: Business Section p. 7 Junk Food, Junk Media

The New York Times: Cellphones Now Used More for Data Than for Calls

The Online Mom Is technology separating us from our kids…?

The Power of Magical Thinking: Research Shows the Importance of Imagination in Children’s Cognitive Development

The Power Of Not Knowing

The Wall Street Journal: Child Psychiatrist: iPad can be good for kids and families Apple’s iPad Is for Moms Now, Techies Later on Huff and Laptop Killer?

Tips for Controlling Your Teen’s Facebook Usage


To Give And To Receive: The When And The Why

Top Teacher Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation

Tots Love iPads, so Please Teach Them to Use Them Right

Tots: You Are Failing Us. We Need You To Manage Our Digital Media Lives Better

Video Games And Children — What’s The Right Amount?

Video Games and Learning from the Norway Massacre About Raising Decent Children: A Veteran Doctor’s POV

Video Games and What We Can Learn from Anders Breivik About Raising Decent Children: A Veteran Doctor’s POV

Video Games Can Be Good: Fight Childhood Diabetes and Obesity

Washington’s Snow and the Lack of Community Spirit

We’re Being Bad: Are Mom And Dad To Blame?

What to Say to a Child Who Wants to Text, an iPad, a cell phone, or any other ways to consume media

What’s Your Hobby?


Why The iPad Is The Next Great Educational Tool

Will Young Cyberbullies Become Adult

Wife Beaters? Anonymous Technology Can Hide Abuse and Violence

With “Avatar,” Technology Has Never Looked So Human in Film (VIDEO)

With the Rise of Social Media, No Privacy for Tiger Woods

Working Mother – Is Tech Taking Over Your Teen?

Would You Rather Be Loving Or Loved?

Yes, Santa Claus, There is a Virginia

Youth Psychotherapy With Digital Media

Zillydilly iPad Browser is custom-fitted to each child and empowers good parenting