Dr. S VIDEOS: Raising Healthy Kids in a Media-Rich World
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Browser for Kids Leverages HTML5 to Bring Safe Games and Education
December 7, 2012



Child Psychologist on How to Talk to Kids About Newtown, CT Shooting
December 14, 2012


ZillyDilly™ iPad Browser by Distinguished Child Psychiatrist

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Evanston Library, Evanston, IL,
September 11, 2010

Wilmette Library, Wilmette, IL, August 23, 2010

Part 1: Dr. S presents his ideas

Part 2: Dr. S presents his ideas

Part 3: Q & A – Videogames

Part 4: Q & A – Privacy vs Supervision

Part 5: Q & A – Restricting Media Time

Part 1: Dr. S presents his ideas

Part 2: Lively exchange with parent Q and A

San Jose, May 26, 2009 (approximately 9 minutes each)

Raising Kids1: placing the computer, about Dr. S, reset your thinking

Raising Kids2: media diets, growth opportunities, family relationships

Raising Kids3: values education, socialization, education enrichment, entertainment, portals, research

Raising Kids4: redo media room, being present, shyness, infant screen time

Raising Kids5: neuroscience, video games, addiction, conflict, confidence, entertainment=dessert

Raising Kids6: balanced diets, older kids and teens


Authors@Google Series: Raising Healthy Kids in a Media-Rich World
Dr. S discussed his hands-on experience with technology and digital families and the issues of age-appropriate family media plans for promoting healthy childhood growth and development. The IT industry plays an important role in assisting parents in these efforts. San Francisco, May 22, 2009


Midday News Author Series: Dr. S presents
Kids, Parents & Technology: A Guide for Young Families, March 10, 2010

WGN 1: Home Court Advantage

WGN 2: Change Your Mindset: Media are Appliances

WGN 3: Making Digital Media a Family Activity

WGN 4: Make Media Plans. Rules aren’t Enough.

WGN 5: Important Advice: Parents need to have confidence.

WGN 6: Needs of Kids and Families Haven’t Changed (Sound byte)